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Press for metal Y83-315 shaving

Press for metal Y83-315 shaving
  • Press for metal Y83-315 shaving
  • Press for metal Y83-315 shaving
  • Press for metal Y83-315 shaving
  • Press for metal Y83-315 shaving
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Brand:Jiangsu Huahong Technology Stock
Country of manufacture:China

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Press for briquetting of metal shaving. The company realizes also the press for metal shaving of other models and productivity. Consultation, sale, delivery, commissioning, service, repair, guarantee.

The press for metal Y83-315 shaving are applied to briquetting (pressing) of steel, pig-iron, copper, aluminum, brass, titanic shaving in a compact briquette of a cylindrical form.
The press for metal shaving is intended for briquetting of shaving of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Thanks to a briquetting press for shaving you will be able to save on transport expenses as material volume after briquetting significantly decreases (to 7-10% of initial), and the price of the bricketed shaving also significantly raises (more than twice) and it has more attractive prospect for further realization because of depreciation of waste of briquettes when melting.

The following types of briquetting of metal shaving are known:

  1. briquetting by a pasting method
  2. electrobriquetting
  3. automatic cold briquetting of metal shaving
  4. hot briquetting of shaving and scales?

Press for briquetting of metal Y83-315 shaving of the Chinese production, are rather reliable and compact equipment, at the insignificant price. Briquettes practically do not comprise the remains of cooling liquids and oil. Melting of the pressed shaving in briquettes allows to have a bigger exit of metal that increases productivity of metallurgical process in general. At installation of a press expensive installation as the briquetting press is delivered ready for connection to power supply is not required and it can be established without the special base. The powerful hydraulic drive creates effort of pressing in 315 tons, sufficient for receiving qualitative briquettes. At installation of the briquetting equipment at metalworking machines prepare for total absence of volumes of shaving, decrease in expenses on transportation and storage. You can buy a press for briquetting of metal Y83-315 shaving having called by phones specified on the website.

The press for metal Y83-315 shaving is the equipment by means of which it is possible to receive not only more metal when melting briquettes, but also just to sell shaving at more favorable price.



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The main
The producer - Jiangsu Huahong Technology Stock
Country producer China
Additional service - Installation, - Service
State New
Additional characteristics
Pump: 160YCY14-1B
Oil station: 2500 liters
Model: Y83-315
Productivity: 1,0-1,2 tons/hour.
Briquette size: O120 * (50? 70) mm
Power: 22 kW
Weight: 8 tons
Effort of pressing: 315 tons
Press sizes: 1650 * 1150 * 3155 mm.
Briquette weight: 3,5-5,5 kg
Working pressure: 25 MPas
Brand:Jiangsu Huahong Technology Stock
Country of manufacture:China
Type of waste:Industrial Waste
Information is up-to-date: 07.12.2018
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